Irish Shannon’s

Irish Shannon was born under a lucky moon. Legend has it, on the night of her birth, the whiskey and stout gushed like a geyser. This was a definitive sign that Shannon had been chosen to be Ireland’s honorary ambassador of luck! Being the case, she yearned for a chance to share her luck and good fortune with others around the world. So, one fateful day, she packed her bags & set out on a pilgrimage to extend her luck beyond the Emerald Isle.

She drank steins of beer in Berlin…. Sake bombs in Tokyo….champagne in France… tequila worms in Mexico City…mojitos in San Juan… and yet, nothing felt quite like home. It was with a homesick heart that she made her final stop before returning to Dublin. 

It was a stormy summer afternoon when she arrived at her final destination, Orlando FL – a city rich in sunshine, lakes and never-ending beauty. Following a thunderous lightning crash, the clouds rolled back, the heavens parted, and both a golden beaming sun and a double rainbow were revealed across the majestic Central Florida sky. It was then she knew, this was the place she could share her luck with the world!

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